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angelina jolie tattoos

Still remembered the matter of the mysterious shooter who looked for people's casualties bertato? At that point, many people who have been already done merajah his body, determined removed tato him with iron until melepuh because worried was wrong casualties shot.

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After the darkness era passed by, tato that was identified with the world of the crime, precisely was enjoyed by the "good person". From the model, the artist, the person kantoran, the young child, even the TEENAGER, liked tato. They copied world stars like David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Britney Spears, menggoreskan rajah to their body. However two years later, hundreds of people around them precisely ask for tato him was removed. His interested person all over the world jumped until 40%. Three around 4 people bertato regretted in afterwards the day, like that according to the report on British Journal of Dermatology. His reason sorts. Starting from when being separated, broke up, embarrassed because of working in kantoran, or after the success of his social environment that just did not support. One of the laser clinics that had the good reputation in London’s Royal Free Hospital, every year treated 200 patients that want to removed tato him.

These people, aged between 12-80 years. The model tato him then sorts. There was the picture of the dolphin, the sun, or the armband. Unlike the ancient seaman that tato him was simple, like “Mum” or “I Love Mandy”, tato the person now far more njlimet and was difficult to be removed. One of his interested persons, the star of Hollywood Jude Law (31). He has ordered the place in the Los Angeles laser clinic to remove tato “Sexy Sadie” on his arms. Rajah wanted to be evacuated by him after his marriage with Sadie Frost (36) ended. Still with tato "Billy Bob" Tato Billy Bob" already dihapus In Fact, tato him took the form of the quite unique and romantic article. Jude Law quoted the Beatles song lyrics, “You came along to turn ounce everyone sexy Sadie”. Yes, but what wanted dikata, wong the love has ended. If nempel continued even made sepet the eyes.

Even so, with the pretty star the actor Lara Corft The Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie (28). He that had tato “Billy Bob” on his right arms, for the husband who at that point was loved by him the actor Billy Bob Thornton (47). When they were separated, tato that already did not appear again on Jolie arms. In fact removed tato it seems far more was sick than when making him. That no longer the grater scar that was caused by him. “Operasi the laser beam (removed tato) very painful, but that was worst you will smell the meat smell terbakar,“ Jolie words. On the basis of being different, Geri Halliwell also burnt tato the motive of the star and the jaguar on his back. So also Cher, that had tato the flower on his bottom, and Courtney Love throw away tato on his ankle.